Yonkers in the largest city in Westchester County and the 4th largest city in the entire state of New York. Yonker’s original land was purchased by Adriaen van de Donck, who was the first lawyer in North America in the year of 1645. Yonkers, NY is a beautiful town and is situated along the Hudson River, which serves as a popular attraction. This city if full of industrial, medical, food, retail and commercial businesses and Westech Solutions is proud to serve this great area.

At Westech Solutions, we work with businesses that are starting out or just in need of refreshed IT support. Because of our experience in the field, we are confident that we can work with all industries in Westchester County. We can send our expert team to your business in the Yonkers area to assess and begin customizing an IT support plan. There, they will present your business with all of your technology options and help you make the IT decisions which will result in products that will  best suit your business’ needs. We are different than other IT companies in the Yonkers area because we take time to identify your business’ needs and goals before recommending and applying the most fitting technology solutions.

We have a variety of services through the cloud, software and hardware to benefit your infrastructure in increasing security, productivity and communication. We are confident that our service is the best in the Yonkers area because our team is trained and here to assist you. Our number one priority is your keeping your business’ network online and secure.

If you are located in the Yonkers area of Westchester County and are in need of IT support, Westech Solutions is happy to help through dependable and friendly service. Contact us today to get started tailoring a plan for your business!