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If a Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) provider is essential to your company, you must choose the right provider. DaaS is an infrastructure that IT and cloud providers use to deliver fully managed cloud desktops to end-users. Although the cloud provider ensures that the desktops are managed seamlessly, it would not be possible to provide a robust desktop virtualization experience without the proper hardware and software. So, to help you land the perfect DaaS provider, here are some easy-to-follow tips:  

Ask About Security

One of the biggest considerations for integrating cloud services into a business is security. Contrary to popular belief, desktop security is actually one of the biggest advantages of moving to the cloud. Virtual desktops hosted by reliable Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) not only offload the work of supporting, maintaining, and upgrading your IT infrastructure but also ensure that your data is kept off local devices and stored securely in the cloud.   

End-user devices are vulnerable. By moving to the cloud, the frequency of security breaches will decrease tremendously as proper controls are put in place throughout. If security is a priority, look for a DaaS provider that will help store your company information in an ISO- and HIPAA-compliant data center.  

Do Research

Have a list of DaaS providers and consult with each of them. By doing so, you’ll get a feel of the provider, and you can evaluate if the company can meet your business’s needs. Aside from interviewing multiple DaaS providers, you’ll also learn a lot from doing simple background checks on the internet. A quick check on the provider’s website, social media accounts, etc. will help you acquire useful information about the provider. Take your time to research before you choose a DaaS provider for your business.  

Know Guaranteed Uptime

A reliable DaaS provider should be able to offer you a close to 100 percent uptime. Furthermore, some things may be inevitable, and you might find yourself faced with an issue with your cloud system, which is why you need to inquire about the provider’s support resources. A provider that has extended support hours and services is ideal because you can never really tell when cloud issues would happen, and it’s crucial that you can reach out to your provider right away.  

Learn About Their Privacy Protection

Typically, your DaaS provider will have access to your clients’ information. Ask about how the company ensures confidentiality and know more about technical features related to your privacy and security. Look into where the provider is located to know if it’s in a secure area or not.  

Know About Industry Compliance

If you’re in a highly regulated industry, you need to work with a DaaS provider that has experience working in the same industry. Why? You need to adhere to certain legal requirements, and you need to have a DaaS provider who can do the same.  

DaaS makes a business more resilient because it enables vital employees to have access to important applications and files anytime and anywhere. Undoubtedly, the demand for DaaS is high because it enhances workflow across devices, which makes business operations more efficient. In addition to this, it takes the time, money, and effort that in-house management of infrastructure would require out of the hands of businesses. This allows them to focus on what they do best: exceeding their customers’ expectations by delivering a great product and quality customer service.  

One major advantage of using DaaS is that it’s cost-efficient. Hosting your desktop in the cloud will be dependent on your needs, which means that you’ll only pay for what you use. Many businesses find this to be advantageous as they won’t have to pay for hardware upgrades and other aspects of the service that they don’t use.  

So, when looking for a DaaS provider, follow the tips listed above and always remember that not all of these providers are equal. That’s why you need to be mindful when choosing a provider. Take as much time as you can to do research, and you’ll be surprised at how helpful and useful your research will be to your journey in finding the right cloud provider for your business.  

 DaaS can change how your business operates for the better, but the wrong provider can do more harm than good. Choose wisely—and stay on the cloud! 

 If you’re looking for a DaaS provider, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.