Network Monitoring and Alerts

Westech Solutions is the network monitoring company that you have been looking for. With technology growing every day, there is no doubt it will be the main form of communication for a very long time. The Westech Solutions’ team is trained in the newest and latest ways to monitor your network and keep your systems running smoothly and efficiently.

You’ve invested a lot of time and money in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security and reliability. By using the most advanced remote monitoring and management tools, Westech will proactively manage risk and help to ensure your network is performing at optimal performance. We offer 24x7 remote monitoring coupled with comprehensive reporting. This gives us (and you) a better view of your network environment. Armed with a constantly updated bird’s eye view of your network we can help you plan strategically to keep your resources and your budget on track.

Server monitoring and management is crucial to your business’s performance. At Westech Solutions, we keep track of your company’s metrics and measurements that may affect the server’s full ability. We are a leader in server monitoring service and management because of our success and variety of experience over the past 10 years in the business. Knowing that your servers and systems are secure will allow for you and your business to focus more on growing and less on system and server issues.

Key Features:

24x7 Monitoring – The agent will detect any security vulnerability and threats, pending device or application failures and unauthorized downloads.

Alerting – Our support engineers receive alerts from strategically placed network monitors, which allow us to ensure that critical aspects of your network are functioning at peak performance.

Reporting – Comprehensive network reports allow us to collate and communicate our client’s important information based on the data gathered from 24/7 monitoring. Having frequent meetings with our clients ensures we have an open relationship and that we are consistently working towards our goals.

Our goal is to provide you with consistent and affordable network monitoring. We want you to feel confident that your network and internet are constantly up and running at its highest capability. With our highly-trained tech professionals teaming up with your business, your company can continue to grow without having to worry about the ability to fulfill a job for a customer. Making your life simpler is what we do best, let us start monitoring your network and servers today!