Ransomware CryptoLocker

Ransomware is a dangerous assault on your computer in which your data is compromised and you are asked to pay a monetary ransom to protect the files from distribution, destruction, or corruption. Cryptolocker is a popular form of ransomware which is distributed through exploit kits and spam. Once the virus is downloaded, it encrypts vulnerable files such as Microsoft Office, Images, and OpenDocument.

These attacks can be brought on from visiting unsafe websites, opening attachments, or clicking malicious links. These links and files might seem to have come from a trusted source, but they can harbor a dangerous threat to your company’s sensitive data. A breach in your data’s security could not only cause down time for your business but could result in lost customers.

Defending against these attacks seems time consuming, but by following these tips you can make a more secure environment:

  • Education: The first step in fighting against ransomware is teaching your employees the dangers and precautions associated with these viruses. Showing your team examples of threats as well as the steps to take if attacked will help prevent data corruption.
  • Real Time anti-virus solutions: With your business’ crucial data, it is important to take a proactive approach. Antivirus software is pertinent for any business which stores private information. Keeping this software up to date will ensure it is protected against the most recent developments. However, even the most encompassing protection can be vulnerable to these powerful threats.
  • Backup: The best way to protect your environment is to enact a backup method. Having a copy of your data can ensure that even if your data is corrupted, your system will be able to reload to its most recently copied state. Not only does this prevent downtime but it ensures your system will be restored to its condition without the virus. There are some options that even allow companies to utilize uptime on a virtualized system while the original system is being repaired.

Here at Westech Solutions, our team has the experience and knowledge to protect your infrastructure from these dangerous threats. We’ve helped many companies prevent and recover from the many types of ransomware. We are proud to offer Managed Services (reference managed services website page) and data backup (reference backup page) to help keep our partners secure and proactive. Contact us today to see how we can help you thwart off these increasingly popular attacks.