Hudson Valley Technology Consortium

Westech is a proud member of the Hudson Valley Technology Consortium. The HVTC is a group of Experienced Technology Providers that work together as a “High Technology Team” to provide best-in-class solutions to businesses most pressing technology needs.

Each member company is a leader in their technology area, comprised of experts that will work together seamlessly as a group to provide a complete technology solution. Think of us as your High Technology General Contractor.

Members of the HVTC include:


Kinetech provides Business Telephone Systems that enable your employees and customers to stay in touch any time of day, wherever they are, using any device. They are experts in supplying integrated voice, fax, video conferencing, and mobility services – across multiple locations and remote offices.

  • Unified Communications: Kinetech’s solutions are feature-rich, seamlessly integrating your entire company. Communicate from any device – from anywhere.
  • Multi-Location and Mobility: Our technology seamlessly connects headquarters and remote offices with one number access and find me-follow me. Use a SmartPhone to make and receive calls from anywhere.
  • Electronic Fax: Our Electronic Desktop Fax solutions make it easy to send and receive faxes from your computer and email.
  • Audio and Video Conferencing: If your business requires conducting routine remote presentations and team meetings, our remote conference service for up to 150 participants.
  • Broadband/Failover: Our partner relationships with business broadband providers can help you consolidate your bills for phone service together with your Internet connection.
  • HIPAA Compliance: Is your business in the healthcare field?. As a HIPAA Business Associate, we can help make sure that you, and your clients, are protected.
  • Paging/ Intercom: Two way communications, and building entry/access control during and after hours, within and across buildings for safety and security.
  • Emergency/Notification: Emergency responders need to rapidly locate the origin of a 911 call when arriving at a a business or school address. Site personnel also need to be notified so they can meet the emergency responders.
  • Contact Center: We provide a complete, full-featured contact center that enables companies to handle every incoming call with precision and professionalism.

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Visera Media

Visera Media offers a wide range of products and services for Commercial and Residential clients. We are a professional company that stands behind our products and services. Our systems are designed to meet the needs of our clients, providing technology integration that is easy to use and reliable.

  • Infrastructure Wiring – Low voltage system wiring for computer, telephone, control and lighting systems. We can terminate and qualify wiring for data and phone systems.
  • Commercial Audio Systems – Flexible and easy to use audio systems with streaming music services licensed for hotels, bars and restaurants. We also provide professionally designed sound reinforcement solutions for houses of worship and multi-purpose rooms.
  • Televisions and Displays – Hospitality TV’s and commercial displays for conference rooms, training rooms, huddle rooms, waiting rooms, lobbies and digital signage.
  • Lighting Control and Shading Solutions – Natural and artificial lighting systems can enhance productivity in an office environment or set the appropriate mood for a restaurant. They can also save energy and lower the load on your heating and cooling systems.
  • Control and Automation – Hardware controls and programming that can simplify complex or multiple technology systems. We can automate systems like lighting, shades, HVAC, music and signage for a more efficient, comfortable and safe workplace.
  • Conference Room Systems – Audio and video switching systems, wireless presentation, lighting and shading integration, standard, short throw and interactive projection systems.
  • Surveillance Systems – IP camera systems for businesses and schools with remote monitoring capabilities and high capacity storage.
  • Computer & Monitor Mounts – Specialized mounts for medical offices and other industries where an adjustable height or articulating mount is required.
  • Consulting and Design – We can help with new projects, right from the planning stage, or provide information about upgrading your existing technology systems.

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Broadband Consulting Services

  • Broadband and Internet Service Acquisition and Management
  • Carrier Services Cost Review/ Invoice Auditing

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We help businesses spend more effectively and improve efficiency through improved technology deployment, and provide clients with a clear plan for implementation of products and technology to satisfy their current and future business needs.

The HVTC will also work as advisors in a support role to a company’s in house staff in support of existing projects, introduction of new ideas and technology, and by helping to solve specific issues.