EaaS – Email as a Service

Your business’ email hosting server needs to be simple and reliable in order to keep your important data and information safe and easily accessible. Our Email as a Service solution allows your business to know that you’ll have a consistent way for internal and external users to communicate. Our EaaS solution team will install and manage your business’ email server in the cloud so you can focus on your business.

Some features and benefits of our EaaS solutions include:

  • Synchronization – Our solutions consist of working within Microsoft Exchange which offers instant synchronization to all your business’ devices. With this synchronization, your business can easily transition into the new server without risking old information.
  • Uptime – Server downtime has a great risk to your company’s success and profit. When crashes occur, both employees and customers are affected. We work to ensure environments are proactively fighting off threats and in case of emergencies we can restore the data efficiently.
  • Security – Security is the most important feature to your business. If your email is not secure, most of the data located inside the server is at risk as well. Our fully managed data center ensures your email is completely protected with virus protection, spam filtering, top tier encryption standards and more. Rest assured that your information is no longer at risk when working with us.
  • Mobility – The great thing about working with Microsoft Exchange is that it allows you to view your email from any device. Your users will never be limited to where they can access their email, contacts and calendars.

From the easy setup to the increase of productivity, your business will be more consistent when you decide to work with Westech Solutions. We are confident that we have the tools to help your company’s email become more functional than ever. Contact us today!