DaaS – Desktop as a Service

When working with Desktop as a Service or DaaS, your desktop operating system, data, and applications are stored on a server host in a data center. Users can access this information by using any device from PC and Apple computers to mobile phones. Your business will benefit from DaaS because provides a more efficient and accessible platform while maintaining security for your data at the same time.

Some features and benefits of our DaaS solutions include:

  • Less equipment replacement and maintenance – Replacing desktops can get expensive, but thankfully, applying DaaS to your organization means making fewer purchases in the future. With users being able to access their desktops from multiple devicements, replacements are less frequent. Choosing to use Desktop as a Service also reduces the amount of maintenance necessary on equipment because the applications are run online rather than through the computer itself.
  • Minimized Downtime – With desktops, applications, and data automatically backing up and being replicated in the cloud, you will have a simple and secure backup solution as well as less downtime in case of an emergency. Your business can rest assured that information is safe and accessible, providing employees a seamless IT experience. This software also provides an easy process for adding new users, requiring only a few clicks.

DaaS service provides a desktop which is secure, easily accessible, and easily updated.  This provides a more secure, simpler and a higher quality experience for all users. At Westech Solutions, we are confident that out of all the Desktop as a Service providers, partnering with us can help your business the most because of our experience in the industry. If you think Desktop as a Service is something that your business could benefit from, give us a call today. We look forward to hearing from you!