Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud solutions offer a unique way for companies to increase security and efficiency while decreasing costs and down-time. A hosted infrastructure allows user to more easily access and monitor data which is then backed up in a secure environment. This secure environment is hosted through our server which reduces clients need for hardware maintenance and replacement.

What is Cloud Infrastructure?

A cloud infrastructure is a virtual environment which can include apps, software, and more. This is a way for you to store your entire network online and access it from other devices. Cloud computing infrastructure allows information and data for your company to be accessed virtually only by the selected users which are given permission. These users can be controlled through the cloud and software updates will become streamlined. This infrastructure is then frequently backed up to give an accurate transition if a recovery is necessary.

At Westech Solutions, we design a cloud infrastructure plan to fit your company’s needs. We take your network, storage, and data into consideration when developing that plan. Our team of professionals proactively monitor your data to prevent any down time or data loss.

Some benefits with cloud computing include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Less downtime
  • Lower operation costs
  • Easy access
  • Complete recovery plan

Building out a cloud computing infrastructure can be a long process for companies. That is where Westech Solutions can help. We want to create a cloud that is easy for your business to work within and we have the experience and training to implement this with little down-time. We offer our clients constant and consistent performance, increased availability to information and data, proactive monitoring of the entire infrastructure and offered alerts when an issue does arise.

We want to be the cloud infrastructure company you choose to work with because we know at Westech, we can benefit you the most. From data protection to security and storage, let us help you! Call us today to learn more about cloud infrastructure at Westech Solutions.