Cloud Computing

Cloud computing consists of delivering IT related solutions to companies virtually through a network, and lets your business access servers, data and storage all over a network. Cloud computing providers save their clients time and money by increasing efficiency and collaboration. With our cloud solutions, we can house all kinds of information including email, application, desktop and more.

Whether your organization is private or public, healthcare to government, we can provide your business with the correct cloud system. We offer a variety of services to ensure each customer can pick and choose which will best help their business goals. Deciding to use cloud computing could be one of the best decisions you make for your company because of the potential opportunities.

There are many benefits when it comes to working with cloud computing.  Moving data to the cloud allows for more efficient and accessible communication because it stores everything in real time and allows for access through multiple devices. These solutions also reduce the amount of maintenance required on hardware and software. With cloud solutions, servers are hosted off-site and software is updated from one host who can apply changes with a few simple clicks. One of the biggest benefits of this solution is its ability to backup an entire network multiple times per day and restore the environment quickly in case of emergency.  At Westech Solutions, we make sure the cloud is always up to date so your cloud can run at the highest capacity for your users.

Westech Solutions is one of the top cloud computing companies in the area because we offer a variety of solutions which we tailor to each clients needs and goals. Our experience has given us the confidence and expertise required to grow our partners business through technology. If you think your business would benefit from cloud computing, we would love to talk with you!