AaaS – Application as a Service

Application as a Service or AaaS, is a way to deliver applications services via the internet. The applications are stored and run on a server in a hosted data center where internal and external users that have access can find their applications with any internet connected device. Since the applications are streamed virtually, you won’t ever need to install or connect anything on your workstation, desktop or server which leads to a smoother and easier transition.

Some features and benefits of our AaaS solutions include:

  • No Upfront Investments – Say goodbye to expensive servers required by old, outdated applications. Our AaaS platform has infrastructure already built into it which means your on-site server is no longer necessary.
  • Less IT Maintenance and Management – When your business wants to upgrade applications, usually you must have the IT department manually work on every computer in the network which can be a time-consuming process. Since everything is virtually done with AaaS, everything gets updated at one time and will require less IT maintenance.
  • Easy Onboarding – Whether you get a new user or new employee in your business that needs access into the account, our AaaS allows that user to be added into the system with just a few clicks. No hassle!
  • Data Security – Your data, information and applications are backed up, secured and maintained in our data center by our highly trained professionals. This center is SSAE_16, SOC1 and SAS70-certified, meaning it uses some of the same security measures as our military, giving it unparalleled security. You no longer must worry about your important information being taken or stolen from your server.
  • Recovery – If for any reason your hardware does crash, you would be able to regain control of your applications and information as soon as you could access it from a different computer.

At Westech Solutions, we know how important application hosting services are to businesses for keeping their business running smoothly. We are positive that we can help your business through Application as a Service and would love to speak with you further! We know that your business is priority #1 and we want you to be able to focus on just that. Contact us today!