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A company’s Human Resources department is invaluable. Besides managing the hiring and discipline process, this team also handles employee benefits, career development, and training. Thankfully, there are a variety of software programs designed to assist Human Resource Managers with their tasks. This week, we’re exploring various HR software types and our favorite choices in each category.


As previously mentioned, there are multiple facets to the HR role. If you are seeking a program that can manage payroll, hiring, paid time off, and benefits, there is a variety available. The benefit of this type of software is that it typically includes a customizable dashboard that helps users visualize their progress and easily locate tasks. Additionally, these software programs are often scalable based on company size which can result in cost savings.


Our team favors this product because it is very user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Administrators can track applicants, manage benefits, onboarding, and records, and store and analyze employee performance records. To manage payroll, there is an extended software that features a similar user interface.

This program assists with hiring, payroll, benefits, compliance, and more.  We recommend this product because it syncs with all other systems, and reduces the amount of time spent entering data. Because all the information is stored in one place, it creates valuable insight. Also, employees have the option to access the software from their own dashboard, where they can easily make PTO requests, benefit changes, etc.


Managing payroll can be a daunting task and requires a lot of time and effort. HR managers who use technology to assist in this will be able to pay employees via direct deposit, pay taxes, and manage user accounts easily. Because this is such an important aspect of the role, there are numerous software options available.


The biggest benefit to using Paychex for payroll is that there are different solutions for small and large companies. This is because Paychex knows that the HR environments in smaller businesses are very different and the dashboards should be tailored to them. This software allows for data to be entered and reports to be generated quickly. Employees enjoy this software because they can access all information online. If desired, this program can also be used to manage employee benefits.


Although this software has multiple applications, Gusto specializes in payroll services. Administrators will enjoy the program’s simple onboarding process, which allows employees to enter their own information. Implementing the pay itself is easy because popular payroll programs such as QuickBooks can be easily integrated into the software. Additionally, the software automates local, state, and federal taxes, which further reduces workload.


Depending on the size of your company, recruiting can require a dedicated employee or entire team. This is a critical business function and sorting through large amounts of information can be daunting. Although some websites and companies claim they can automate this task for business owners, those who want to keep this task in-house can rely on technology to help ease the process.


This award winning technology caught our attention because of its multiple applications and customizable dashboard. This includes hiring, engagement, onboarding, branding, and videos, which can be accessed by the company’s smartphone app. Jobvite has been around for over ten years and uses their customer feedback to better their operations. This feedback has also allowed the company to collect various statistics, including those that state companies have a 27% faster time-to-hire and 30% lower candidate acquisition cost.


A majority of a recruiter’s time is spent thumbing through resumes and sourcing candidates. With Ideal, artificial intelligence is used to automate these tasks. Other programs, such as CareerBuilder, ZipRecruiter, or other ATS and CRM, can be easily integrated into this software so the entire candidate pool can be accessed and analyzed. Applicants benefit from this software because it updates employees on the recruiting process, and automates communication to increase satisfaction.


It can be challenging for business owners to handle the day-to-day operations while still keeping employees engaged and satisfied. Especially in today’s workforce, having programs designed to improve employee retention is crucial. However, studies show that almost 90% of organizations’ engagement and reward systems are ineffective. These programs will ensure your engagement is effective.

High Ground

The makers of this software claim that their product, “changes the way employees develop, recognize, and reward one another and participate in surveys.” Their technology allows customization for each role within the company and provides the opportunity for real-time coaching and feedback, recognition, rewards, and surveys. All of this information will be compiled into a mobile-friendly platform so administrators can manage their workforce on-the-go.


This software has solutions for managers aiming to improve their teams’ performance and HR executives who are seeking a stronger company culture.  Weekly surveys can be sent out, allowing employees to easily communicate their feedback. Additionally, anonymous conversations promote honesty. For administrators, these responses are compiled into a report and actionable advice is generated.