Disaster Recovery as a Service

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We strive to give our customers a long term plan for IT growth, efficiency, and sustainability. Our team members know that even when we employ proper IT security services, we unfortunately can’t guarantee their success. That is why we provide disaster recovery as a service, or DRaaS. This service ensures that in the event of a cyber-attack, natural disaster, or other threat compromising a network, the software, and the critical data will be able to be recovered.

The best way to ensure you will be able to recover your critical data in the event of an emergency is to store it in the cloud. The cloud is a term for online storage, meaning it doesn’t depend on a physical server. This helps ensure that thieves can’t steal the physical server and natural disasters can’t compromise it. Our team members take multiple copies of your infrastructure each day to ensure the recovered data will be as up-to-date as possible and that the infrastructure will be able to be restored to its condition before it acquired the attack. The benefits of trusting our team to provide DRaaS services include but are not limited to:

  • Predetermined pricing
  • Actionable recovery metrics
  • Protected storage facility
  • Frequent copies created

Additionally, we work to ensure this storage is secure and efficient. By trusting an outsourced provider to back up your data, you can rest assured that the backups will always be protected using the most up-to-date defense methods. Our expert team will work 24/7 and utilize our advanced knowledge and resources to protect this information. We add additional security to this data by storing it in a secure storage environment, with access control and temperature control to promote the efficiency of these cloud servers. We also test this stored information frequently to ensure that if recovery is necessary, it will be able to be completed quickly and fully. Testing will help prevent downtime, which we know is unacceptable for business owners.

You can trust that our team will store backups of your system that will be secure, up-to-date, and easily recoverable. This will ensure your survival in the case of a cyber-attack or natural disaster. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities or our recommendations for your business’ IT security.