How much storage does your business need?

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So, you’ve decided to switch to the cloud? Congratulations! This technology is becoming more popular with businesses each day because it has many applications and creates a higher performing and more secure infrastructure. This technology will enable your employees to safely work from devices outside of the office and create a backup of your data that you can trust to provide complete and prompt recovery after an emergency. Deciding on how much storage space your business needs on the cloud can be tough, but it is important to also remember that this is a scalable solution, which can be increased or decreased any time.

The first step in determining the amount of storage space you need is deciding what you want to store. You can measure the amount of this data simply by auditing your current drive. Things that can’t be replaced earn their place within your online storage while software programs and applications can either be replaced or can be hosted through Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS). This process will also give you the perfect opportunity to encourage employees to delete files which are no longer necessary.

Although you can add more data later, you should accommodate for the amount of data you will want to add within the immediate future. These additions are especially prevalent in those who implement a cloud migration along with other IT initiatives. If you are planning on storing video or high-quality images on the server, you will need to accommodate for the large amount of space these will take.  Additionally, if your company employs graphic designers or video editors, they will require a large amount of storage for their files as well as their unique programs.

There are multiple cloud storage plans that your business can choose from, and it is important to compare the prices your business would pay with each. The first plan typically sets a price per user, where each user is given a set amount of storage space. This is a good plan for a company that’s users all have similar tasks or storage needs. Other plans have a set storage limit that can be utilized by anyone across the team, which is the most popular choice. The largest plans, which are typically very expensive to purchase and maintain, include unlimited storage. It is also important to weigh out the costs of the plans per month vs. per year, as you will presumably be utilizing the technology for a long time period.

Converting over to cloud storage can seem expensive and time-consuming, but the benefits outweigh the costs. If you do your research and choose the right plan, your business will enjoy a secure form of accessible backup, reduced server maintenance costs, and other benefits. To learn more about our cloud storage offerings or our other cloud based products or to get help deciding on the amount of storage space your business needs, contact us today!