Cybersecurity and the Medical Industry

We understand that in today’s business world, there is an increasing demand for online and mobile service offerings. Utilizing technology will increase your customers’ satisfaction and improve your data and efficiency, but in the medical industry, this will increase the amount of risk you face. Not only will this affect your organization’s operation, but it will also lessen customers’ confidence in your practice and put you at risk for governmental and industrial compliance breaches. This concern has become increasingly serious in the past few weeks, when a series of cyber-attacks have targeted healthcare organizations. In today’s blog, we’re identifying these risks and explaining the steps necessary for your business to address them.

Hackers target the medical industry because the data this industry utilizes contains a large amount of personal information. It is fairly easy to target healthcare systems because health records are all stored in a single place.  Additionally, many companies are unaware of the dangers within their healthcare apps or, in some cases, they are selling patient data for profit.  HIPAA addresses this by mandating security standards for electronic protected health information (e-PHI).

The first step in protecting your medical business is to analyze your current risks. Protection involves not only analyzing your network security, but also the practices and regulations you have in place to address patient privacy and compliance such as password policies and mobile device compatibility. Analysis can become increasingly complicated when utilizing modern medical devices that use the IoT, as many of these have lax built-in security.

Once your business has analyzed each of these risky areas, it is time to address each risk. In order to properly address these risks, new guidelines and technology must be put into place. This involves dedicating a team of professionals to monitor your infrastructure 24/7 to ensure its security and efficiency. These measures will not only improve the amount of up-time your organization has,  but also the ability to recover after a cyber-attack.  Recovery is achieved through performing frequent backups and testing them in order to ensure their ability to be used in the case of an emergency. Additionally, your team members should learn practices from professionals in order to lessen the threat of falling victim to malicious attacks disguised as email attachments or software updates. Working with industry experts will help ensure your healthcare business has all of its bases covered.

No matter how technologically secure you think your healthcare facility is, it is important to take the proper measures in order to protect your patients and practice. Your patients deserve their information privacy and your reputation depends on it. Contact us today to learn more about how your healthcare business can benefit from partnering with us or stay tuned to our blog to learn more about industry news, tips and tricks, and company highlights!