Tips on Creating a More Secure Password

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A recent PEW Internet study found that 41% of adults with online passwords have shared those passwords, 39% use one password or very similar passwords for every account, and 69% admit they don’t worry about their passwords’ security. This lack of password security and complexity can have serious effects. In Bangladesh, a stolen password gave hackers the ability to steal $81 million from the Central Bank. These statistics prove that businesses without strong password requirements are at risk for theft, breaches, and more. Follow these tips to ensure your business’ passwords will protect your business from intruders:

Utilize a Password Manager:

Having so many passwords to remember can be confusing, which is why many people set the same or similar passwords for multiple accounts. A password manager will integrate into your web browser and automatically populate the password field. However, when all passwords are stored on one website, it is critical to ensure the password to access that website is very strong.

Create a Complex Password:

It is important that your password is at least 12-14 characters so hackers are less likely to guess the combination within the allowed number of guesses.  You should also be sure to include a variety of character types. This includes numbers, symbols, and both capital and lower-case letters. Additionally, you should make sure to use a unique word combination. For example, “InsuranceDaisy702!” is more secure than “redhouse123”.

Answer Complex Security Questions:

Often, upon setting up accounts, you will be prompted to answer a variety of security questions. Although “what is your pet’s name?” or “what city were you born in?” can be the easiest questions to remember, they are also easily identified by hackers. Answering more specific questions can make it more difficult for hackers to access your account.

Utilize Robust Security Software:

Many forms of Malware can access unprotected passwords that are stored in your computer’s memory. Keylogger software is a significant threat because it keeps a record of each keystroke and can often go undetected.  Employing a defense against these types of attacks will further protect your business and can also help in a variety of other ways. You can learn more about the benefits of cyber security here.

Once your company heeds to all of these tips, it will attain a high level of defense against the potentially expensive, time-consuming, and damaging threats it faces. Here at Westech Solutions, we aim to create a more secure infrastructure for our clients, as well as a way to recover in the case of an attack or other emergency. To learn more about our capabilities or to get started improving your business’ IT security, contact us today!