These days, it seems like there are new computer security threats every day. Threats such as ransomware are becoming more and more popular and it is important for businesses to stay proactive in their security in order to prevent these attacks. Ransomware is true to its name as it encrypts users’ files and requires a monetary payment, usually demanded within a certain time window, in order for the data to be returned unharmed, complete, and secure. One of the most popular ransomware attacks is cryptolocker, which only locks certain high priority files, rather than an entire infrastructure. These types of vulnerable files include Microsoft Office, images, AutoCAD files, and OpenDocument.

Users can fall victim to cryptolocker by downloading or opening infected files, links, or images. These attacks are so advanced that hackers target users’ current plugins in order to seize the best opportunities to trick users. Threats have advanced from the times of distributing viruses from hackers disguised as African royalty seeking funding, and now there are even malicious links hidden within the code of trusted and secure sites. These files contain your company’s private practices, vital data, and customer information, and it is important to ensure its protection.

Protecting against these threats requires multiple preventative measures, and the following practices can help your company defend itself against these easily susceptible and potentially condemnatory attacks:

  • Education: Teaching employees the value of your infrastructure’s privacy and the many threats against it can help prevent them from downloading questionable links, images, or files. It is important for your team to know what they’re up against and that they should be cautionary even with trusted sources.
  • Anti-virus solutions: Antivirus software can help protect your environment as it helps patch holes in security as well as adding more layers of protection. This proactive approach can catch viruses before they infiltrate the entire system as well as enact more security initiatives which protect against malicious files.
  • Backup: The most important defense against these attacks, as well as many others, is a backup plan. In case of these security breaches, having a backup of your infrastructure can allow you to reduce downtime and ensure your data is accessible.

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